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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When we moved in to our new house (some time in January?) I was already itching to start creating. 

Something. Anything. 

I just wanted to make something beautiful for our new place. Ya know, kind of put our mark on it, our claim on it!

Since, we hadn't come up with any big plans as of yet, and I'm not one to just jump into a huge 'reno' without really thinking it through (I've got commitment issues when it comes to home decorating) I decided to stick with something smaller. Less damage would be done that way.

While surfing Pinterest, part of my home decor Bible, I had run across so many stunning chalkboards; big chunky chalkboards featuring meaningful (and sometimes super fun) quotes. I was immediately in love with the idea of having a chalkboard a part of our home. And not just some little chalkboard either, I wanted a statement piece!

After getting online and doing a little window shopping, I quickly realized that I did NOT and was NOT going to pay retail price for one of these babies. 

For the chunky/vintage look I wanted, I would have to spend in upwards of $200 for a 'ready made' one. 

Not happenin'

Not for a decorative item that I could just make myself. 

And did.

For around $45.

After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby (or The Lob as it's known around here) I was ready to get started!

Did you know that every other week Hobby Lobby puts their frames on sale for 50% off? 

Well, they do and I snagged one up for one heck of a steal!

Threw a couple of bottles of chalkboard paint into the mix, and a scrap piece of plywood we had hanging around in the garage, and viola. Dunzo!

Now, obviously my lettering needs divine intervention, but that I can work on!

But that chalkboard, well, she's near and dear to my heart. My very first project/craft here in our new home, and she's just beautiful! I just have to figure out where to stick her =/


Thanks for reading along!

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