So, yeah, that's me ^


The face behind this blog... the brains behind the projects.

Basically, the mad woman who forces her poor husband to do manual labor on his days off...

Just kidding :) He loves it just as much as I do. He appreciates my vision and loves to put his handy skills to use (and also he loves power tools, and any opportunity to use them.)

By the way, his name is Adam :)

We are in the process (the never ending process) of making our house a home.

Before we bought this house, we had our sights on a much larger/grander home. But with two small children, who will one day need money for cars/college/etc., we decided on a smaller/plain-er home. Realistically, we knew this home would meet all of our needs. We loved the neighborhood, and we loved the house itself. 

Well, we loved the potential of the house.

I knew that we could bring a lot of the charm we loved about the more expensive house into our home. And we could do it for way less.

Tens of thousands less.

Because in all honesty... we are cheap... and proud of it!

We live on a budget, every project we do is on a budget. We have a roof over our head, there is no need to break the bank while sprucing it up a bit.

We DIY everything. We research every aspect of a project before we do it, to make sure we are getting the most for our money.

We don't worry ourselves with brands... if we like something, and feel that it is good quality, we could care less what store it came from or what brand it is.

Honestly, I have decor pieces in my home ranging from Wal-Mart and Goodwill to Pottery Barn (outlet that is). If I like something, I like it... no matter the brand. Period.

If we can make it vs. buy it. We will make it.

It's way more satisfying that way, honestly! To know you made something at a fraction of the cost....

Sheer bliss.

All of our projects are budget friendly and fool proof.

If we can do it.... there's no doubt you can too!

'Cuz we're amateurs... just learning as we go!



  1. Hello Amanda. I really like the way you think! People around here (California) are way too concerned about what brand they're displaying in every aspect of their lives, for the most part. We do have a few good people who love to DIY and don't give a hoot about brand... I'd like to encourage you to continue feathering your nest in your own special way and sharing here. I gain so much inspiration from blogs like yours! :) Take care!


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