Reclaimed Wood Project: DIY Wooden Arrows

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Check out the link below for great DIY project ideas... using a bandsaw!

Reclaimed wood... it's ahhh-mazing!

The weathering, the tones, the character of it all...


...and in my case, FREE!

My grandmomma has an old torn down building on her property, and after asking for permission to get my hands on some, I loaded up! I mean, FREE WOOD people! C'mon... can't pass that up.


My living room was in desperate need of some warmth and I was tired of staring at bare walls.

A little before shot...

Now, I have plans upon plans for this room...chances are if you spot an area that seems like it's missing something, I've already got plans for it.

But that little spot of wall between the armoire and the back patio door, well I hadn't come up with an idea that I was in love with. Yet.

Until I thought of the arrows. I had seen them done in all different shapes, sizes, styles... and all super adorable.

And I LOVE arrows.

They are simple and charming... and just make me happy :)

This project was ridiculously easy. It took us only around an hour to complete, from start to finish.

I love projects like that!

It adds an extra element of interest to this room!

Aren't those different tones just breathtaking? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

If you want to add interest, warmth and texture to any room... these babies will definitely do it!

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